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Written By Juliant Luber on Senin, 26 Mei 2014 | 22.16


Gerund, dalam bahasa Indonesia adalah kata kerja yang berakhiran “ing”. Misalnya: playing, doing dan lain-lain. Berikut ini adalah beberapa aturan dalam penggunaan gerund.

1.      Gerund digunakan setelah verb (kata kerja)
-         I enjoy playing.
-         I denied stealing.

2.      Gerund, biasanya kita gunakan untuk tindakan yang terjadi sebelum atau bersama dengan the main verb (kata kerja utama).
-         I enjoy myself at the time of playing.
-         I deny having stolen anything before.

3.      Gerund, biasanya digunakan setelah kara kerja yang mengungkapkan atau mengekpresikan like (rasa suka) atau dislike (tidak suka).
Kata kerja yang mengekpresikan rasa suka maupun tidak suka.
-         Like
-         Love
-         Enjoy
-         Dislike
-         Hate
-         don't mind
-         can't stand
-         can't bear
-         I like playing soccer but I hate boxing

4.      Gerund, biasanya digunakan setelah kata kerja nyata.
Kata kerja nyata misalnya:
-         Admit
-         Appreciate
-         Allow
-         Avoid
-         Advise
-         Consider
-         Deny
-         Delay
-         Understand
-         Finish
-         Fancy
-         go (in go swimming)
-         involve
-         keep
-         mention
-         mind
-         stop
-         waste time/money
-         imagine
-         involve
-         keep (on)
-         mention
-         miss
-         postpone
-         permit
-         practice
-         suggest
-         resist
-         reject
-         risk
-         can't help
-         can't stand
-         I suggest going to the theater.

5.      Gerund, biasanya digunakan setelah “prepositions”:
-         interested in ...
-         instead of ...
-         good at ...
-         before ...
-         after ...
-         I am interested in collecting stamps.
-         After playing football I drank an orange juice.

6.      Gerund, Biasanya digunakan setelah “certain expressions” Seperti:
-         it's no use ...
-         it's no good ...
-         there's no point in ...
-         I can't help...
-         I don't mind...
-         I can't stand/bear...
-         It's no use convincing him to revise his lessons. He's so stubborn.

7.      Kata kerja yang dapat diikuti baik oleh gerund maupun infinitive, yaitu:
-         Start
-         Begin
-         Stop
-         remember...
-         I started smoking when I was young.
-         I started to smoke when I left the office.

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